Friday, 16 January 2015 00:00

New Reserved Let's Fashion Colection

Reserved presents its unique, intriguing collection, where idea is king. Let’s Fashion is an invitation to play with fashion, search for your very own style, and create an ultimately personal look. Let’s Fashion is a conceptual approach: spontaneous styling, modern cut, and intriguingly fresh colour choices.

Merged trends, casual look and fashion play – the staples of Let’s Fashion are best epitomised by a photo shoot with Georgia May Jagger, a world-famous model and ambassador of the RESERVED brand in the Autumn-Spring ’14/15 season. The styling that sprang from the Let’s Fashion idea showcases the wonderful play with trends and the fusion of designs and patterns – a quintessentially conceptual approach. And Georgia enraptures with an air of sensual freedom, fascinating femininity and unassuming elegance.

The collection includes styling for various occasions, inspired by the rhythm of urban life, from casual to classic to fast fashion. Let’s Fashion was created to inspire, to captivate, and to stimulate imagination. It’s the symbol of the modern woman…

Silent, our autumn line for men, is made up mostly of comfortable, unaffected choices. Layers, subdued colours and restrained forms inspired by Scandinavian design will help you create your own, remarkable and unaffected style. Combinations of casual shirts with soft sweaters and jeans, presented by Mathias Lauridsen, are great both for walks in life-throbbing streets and for laid-back times in the countryside.


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