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Clinker coolers – an effective way to increase efficiency

 clinker coolers clinker coolers

Today, industry is one of the foundations of the modern economy. Its dynamic activity boosts economic growth as well as infrastructure development. For this reason, new technological innovations are introduced in industry every year. Construction, both industrial and civil, is based on high-quality cement.

Cement is produced on a massive scale, as the demand for it is increasing. Its production is a complicated process at the end of which the cement is packed in a bag and ready for use. A key element of cement production is clinker cooling, which is why the machines used in this step must be of the highest quality. What are the advantages of clinker coolers from Magotteaux?

Magotteaux – an innovative company that will improve your production process

Cement production is a complicated process which lets us obtain the most important binder used in construction. A clinker cooler is used to cool down hot cement clinker, which is why it is one of the most important devices in the entire production line. However, every production line device can be improved so that it not only works more efficiently, but also speeds up and streamlines the entire production process. Specialists from Magotteaux decided to innovate the way clinker coolers are made. Magotteaux has focused primarily on increasing the efficiency and lifetime of this important element of the cement production line.

How the Magotteaux clinker cooler is designed

The secret to the uniqueness of the
Magotteaux clinker cooler is its innovative design. It is adapted to different sections, which significantly optimizes the entire process. These sections are:
the hot section,
• the intermediate section,
• the cool section.

For the hot section,
Magotteaux has patented a bar grate for optimal cooling, a special air distribution system, and strong resistance to deformation.
The intermediate section is characterised by strong abrasion resistance, while the cold section has a special clinker pocket grate.

Cement production is a complex process, which is why selecting the right clinker cooler is the key to success in increasing production efficiency.



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