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New energy sources for our planet

Wind farm Wind farm

Recently, there has been more and more discussion about environmental protection and new energy sources. This is due to the growing environmental awareness in our society. People are beginning to realize that the natural resources of our planet are not infinite.

For this reason, we cannot afford to only focus on technological and economic development without being aware that eventually our natural resources will run out. Experts predict that oil will end in about 40 years. Until then, we must find energy and fuel sources that will effectively replace those that we use today. What are our options and what will the coming years bring?

Where should we look for new energy sources?

We have now started a race against time. Either new energy sources or a serious problem awaits us at the finish line because all the world's infrastructure is dependent on oil. For this reason, scientists and specialists from around the world are looking for unconventional resources. Currently, such energy sources include:
wind energy – electricity generated by means of wind. Wind farms can efficiently produce electricity.
solar energy – solar technology is rapidly developing. Solar and photovoltaic panels provide electricity by converting solar rays into electricity. Work is currently underway on strengthening the power of solar cells using graphene. Such reinforced panels would be able to process much larger amounts of energy.
geothermal energy – this involves processing of our planet's thermal energy in geothermal power plants.
biofuels – they are an alternative to traditional fuels, e.g. crude oil.

Searching for new energy sources is crucial because it can make our technology independent of oil and coal. Our planet's resources are not infinite, so the sooner we find an alternative, the better.

Security and energy stability

Of course, changes in the use of energy and fuels cannot be introduced overnight, as this would cause too much destabilization. For this reason, the changes are implemented slowly. Most importantly, the extraction of natural resources such as coal or oil should be carried out according to the highest standards of security. Oil exploration safety is essential to the stability and harmony of our planet.

It is said that we have borrowed the present state of our planet from our grandchildren, which means that our actions will affect this generation the most.
Let's remember this every day, because there is only one Earth!



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