Monday, 21 January 2019 15:14

Counter-Strike and Most Expensive Skins

One of the most popular multiplayer games of recent times is Counter Strike Global Offansive. The game continues to be popular. The game, supported by Valve, is one of the most played games, especially as multiplayer. In multiplayer, it is possible to play in competitive mode. 10 players are competing in competitive mode. The players are creating 2 teams with 5 players. The players are playing both in the T side and in the CT side. The game that scores 16 on matches is winning. It is also possible to draw 15-15.

 You can buy the game very cheaply from Valve. It is also free to play online. There is a rank system in the game. The rankings are between silver and the global elite. The lowest rank is the silver rank. Newcomers to the game are usually in this rank. You have to win matches at online games to jump on the rankings. As the rankings increase, the number of players decreases. The most player-dominated rank is Nova. This represents the middle level players in the group game. If you win games or open cases, you can win weapon skins. Weapon skins values are measured by real money. The  most expensive CS:GO skins are the rarest ones. Some weapons are very popular in the vote. At the top of these are the AK47 and M4A4 weapons. It would not be wrong to say flagship for these weapons. So it is possible to see the most expensive Ak-47 skins. The Ak-47 is the most effective weapon of the game with its deadly power and fire rate.

Gloves added later into the game are really expensive. There are very few players with gloves. The probability of being in the box is a figure as low as 2000/1. This item is only available in its own special “Glove Case“. This can be opened with its Glove Case key. Gloves are especially seen in Major players. They have most expensive CS:GO Gloves. In special tournaments they add a difference to the game.


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