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Diesel Mechanic Salary and Employment Opportunities

The diesel mechanic salary will be affected by several factors over the course of the mechanic’s career. The type of engine or component area the mechanic specializes in, their place of employment and the number of years of experience they have will all determine the type of annual salary the mechanic will experience.

The diesel mechanic will commonly be employed through commercial freight trucking companies, which currently offers the lower diesel mechanic salary. In order to make a better living in this field the mechanic will need to have either obtained their associate’s degree or have completed a one year certificate program. Both of these education programs can be found through vocational schools, trade schools, technical schools and community colleges.

Training Program Options and the National Average Salary for this Field

The programs available for this field will range from one year for the certificate courses and two years for the bachelor’s degree. Like in many professions, the more education you have, the more marketable you are to employers and the higher your salary will be.

Typically the national average salary for this position will range from 26,000$ to 38,000$, with an hourly rate of 21$ to 26$. Places such as the District of Columbia, Wyoming, Florida, Alaska, Hawaii and California currently offer the higher salary for the diesel mechanic, with average annual incomes ranging from 53,000$ to 60,000$.


The type of employer you work for will also have an effect on your income. A mechanic that specializes as a marine diesel specialist can anticipate a salary that’s higher than those working for commercial trucking companies by more than ten to thirty thousand; however this type of specialty will require an additional year in school. A mechanic that works for a government agency can earn an annual salary of 55,000$ to 65,000$ a year which will also include excellent benefits and retirement packages. Working for air transportation companies can provide an annual salary of 58,000$ to 64,000$, but will require the employee to have a strong background in the diesel mechanic field, five years of experience in the field and an associate’s degree in automotive technology.

Typically, to qualify for the higher paying positions not only will the mechanic need to have a degree but they will also need to have participated in a yearlong internship and have prior work experience in a related field, in order to qualify for the higher paying positions.

Currently, those mechanics that have ten or more years or experience working as this type of mechanic may even be required by some employers to complete a diesel mechanic certificate program, in order to have adequate knowledge regarding the newer electrical systems and the changes in automotive technology.

In order to qualify for the higher earning positions the mechanic will not only need to complete an associate’s degree program but they will also need to obtain certification in this field, which requires the individual to have a minimum of two years of field experience in order to be eligible.

Employment Options as a Mechanic

For the technician that has three to four years of experience they can expect a salary that ranges from 19$ to 28$ an hour, while those mechanics that are fresh out of school will have an average hourly rate of 14$ to 16$ and will begin their professional career working as assistants to senior mechanics.

The higher paying employment options for this profession will include such places as vehicle manufacturing companies, dealerships, rental truck companies and transportation companies. Higher salaries can also be found through warehouses and the distribution industry.


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