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Share your passion for cars

People have been passionate about vehicles for hundreds of years. The first attempts to build a car date back to the industrial revolution. However, it was the late nineteenth century that saw a true automotive boom. This has happened due to several factors. It was then that the internal combustion engine was invented and the first tire manufacturers started to emerge.

One of them was a company founded by two brothers. Today, it is commonly associated with a distinctive, cheerful character made of tires. We’re talking about Michelin, which is still a very popular brand.
Their tires are used by the even the most demanding drivers. Their products intended for professionals competing in the biggest races have gained significant popularity and are used by the biggest racing legends.


They can be seen at Le Mans 24 races, but also at off-road rallies and motorcycle competitions. Interestingly, they are also used by Her Majesty’s most famous spy, James Bond, whose safety and the success of his missions depend also on them. Michelin tires have appeared in A View to a Kill, in which James Bond must save the world from another madman.

In terms of the quality of Michelin tires, they can be compared to Mercedes cars. The combination of these two brands is the perfect match for any driver.

Both are highly appreciated by car manufacturers. See for yourself by watching a video which briefly describes the creation of Mercedes cars, or rather their hearts - their unique engines which have powered cars for over 100 years.

When watching the video, you will accompany a driver and his passengers during a unique journey in Germany. During this trip, they talk about what is important in road and off-road journeys.

If you would like to find out more, click on the link below. See how people from different generations and with different interests and occupations are connected by their passion for cars.


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