Saturday, 12 January 2019 11:00

Lexus LX570 - the best SUV

 Lexus is renowned for its expensive but outstanding high-quality cars. This is also the case with the LX570, which went on sale last year. The car costs a hundred thousand dollars, therefore it is not for everyone.

The Lexus LX570 is extremely impressive. Some might say that this is the most typical SUV car. It is heavy, has an interesting body, and an excellent finish. However, its biggest advantage is what can be found inside it - its exclusive equipment and a 5.7-litre V8 engine.

The dream car of every man

The Lexus LX570 gained a wide following since the day it was released. Many drivers claimed that Lexus finally created the SUV they had been dreaming of for years. This is an excellent vehicle for driving off-road. It provides drivers with a bit adrenaline, but is equally suitable for the city. In addition, its interior has a luxurious finish, which makes driving a real pleasure.

Each Lexus has several features that make driving much more comfortable. What does this model include? First of all, we can find many safety enhancers, which are particularly important for those who enjoy high speeds or non-standard roads. There is also a range of interesting entertainment solutions, thanks to which even the longest journey seems much quicker.

Enthusiasts of this brand certainly noticed that this model has something that others before it didn’t. Its beautiful 21-inch rims add character to the vehicle, making it even more impressive. And since we are discussing wheels, it is worth adding that the new version of Lexus has 4WD, which makes off-road driving even more dynamic.

The new Lexus LX570 is a great car for any real man who loves vehicles with a strong character, but it also does not compromise on comfort and luxury. Without the slightest doubt, it is a vehicle that every owner can be proud of.


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