Saturday, 26 January 2019 00:00

12 hours of fame Featured

Small business owners - time to come out of hiding! Do not be afraid of the competition in the form of large corporations – It’s time for your ‘fifteen minutes of fame’. All you have to do is make friends with iZettle.

Are you interested in innovative solutions for your small business? Then you’ve landed in the right spot - iZettle is a pioneer in solutions for small businesses. Specializing in the creation of applications for tablets and smartphones for controlling company finances even while away from the office. Via the internet you can not only see your current expenses, but also keep an eye on your balance sheet.

But, returning to the main point – how can you cheaply and easily advertise with iZettle? Well, this company is providing the use of a premises for 12 hours on Oxford Street - the most popular shopping street in the whole of London. For half a day, you have the opportunity to sell your products alongside well-known companies. A cheap and very easy way of advertising, and most importantly - creating a recognizable brand.
Positive feedback about the whole endeavour has come from the spoken word of those confident entrepeneurs who have chosen to take part in it, including Tom Hardless. He admits that taking part in this iZettle project has given him the opportunity to run the shop of his dreams for 12 hours. Thanks to this he believed in himself, and his company has been gaining real momentum ever since.


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