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Cybersecurity for companies

Cybersecurity for companies Cybersecurity for companies

The development of information technologies gives companies the possibility of faster and wider development. The use of modern technological solutions is often the basis for increasing work efficiency or improving the channels of reaching customers. However, at a time when most of the important information about companies, including their confidential data, is found on the Internet, ensuring appropriate cybersecurity solutions is crucial for their safety.

What are the main threats?

According to Ginni Rometta, IBM general manager, IT crimes are currently the biggest threat for companies. It is important to spread this awareness, among large, medium and, perhaps most importantly, small businesses.

Both attacks from the outside and internal stealing or unintentional transfers of data or passwords are a threat. The biggest threats include DDoS attacks, viruses, often unknowingly installed by employees, and self-installing bots, which aim to steal data or take control of the system. Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in the system by means of phishing and pharming, which are fraudulent methods of obtaining sensitive information.

What kind of cybersecurity solutions can companies use?

The time when cybersecurity was the responsibility of IT departments inside the company has fortunately passed. IT security should be ensured by an external entity which uses the latest technology.

When creating new products and applications, companies should focus on securing their software. Several technologies are used for this purpose. One of them is VDI, which is the windows desktop virtualization. VDI increases security and is used for the centralized management of computers. Other solutions include the modular authentication system (PAM), the single sign-on (SSO) mechanism, and authorization management (IAM).


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