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How to choose a translation agency

Speak in your clients' language and ensure that your scientific, technical, marketing and legal documents are translated using the best methods. Professional translations are the key to sales and success. Translating the text is not difficult, but it is best to hire a professional. What is most important in choosing a translation agency?


In Europe, there are nearly 40 official languages, and in every major city, there are several to several dozen translation agencies. Preparing a flawless translation of a document, instruction or video is the key to effective communication. Choosing a good agency is not easy, because not every translation company provides the highest level of services. What are the most important criteria? Does every agency deserve your trust?

The first factor is the quality of service. You should be able to stay in touch throughout the whole process of working on the project to be able to discuss your requirements on a regular basis and suggest changes. In the case of legal documents, the price shouldn’t be a priority. Thorough and error-free translations will always cost more.

Professional translation of documents

The content of documents, resources, technologies, and techniques is constantly evolving. Constant changes in scientific, medical and pharmaceutical documentation increase the demand for reliable translations. Medical translation services require the knowledge of experienced translators. Such services should be entrusted to specialists.

Quick and high-quality translations

When choosing a translation agency, remember to check its certificates. Using the services of a certified translation agency may ensure better quality, though it is not guaranteed.

ITC Global Translations is a highly recognised, multilingual translation agency providing services for various industries. It is a leading translation agency which cooperates with 1,500 professional translators around the world. Translators are assigned to projects in accordance with their area of expertise, which guarantees the highest quality of service and continuous contact with the agency at every stage of the project.


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