Thursday, 03 January 2019 09:40

How to feel the atmosphere of the Rogers Cup before the event?

The holidays are a special time when many tennis fanatics are eagerly looking forward to the prestigious Rogers Cup. However, not everyone knows that you can experience great sports emotions during this waiting time by taking part in an innovative event at the beginning of July.

July 7 marked the start of an event combining tennis with excellent club music and artistic visualisations, which has a very expressive atmosphere, heavily saturated with the love for this sport. This is a unique event that should be attended by all those going to see the Rogers Cup and tennis fans in general.

More than just a sports event
The National Bank has organised an event preceding the Rogers Cup, intended for tennis lovers. Contrary to what many may think, this is not simply another sports tournament, but a unique event that will feature good club music (DJ Ryan Hemsworth & Skylar Spence), and additional attractions, such as table tennis, artistic visualisations, drinks, dance shows by Tentacle Tribe, and video games. Participants will also have access to stations for creating GIF animations. It is hard to believe that all this will be available in one place, at one event.
Do you want to feel this unique atmosphere and experience the event yourself? If so, find out more by watching this short video.



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