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Modern mannequins for clothing stores

If you are wondering how to attract the attention of customers so that they will visit your store in larger numbers - there is only one answer. Be sure to prepare your display window in a way that will intrigue people walking by the entrance of your store.

What will attract the attention of passers-by?

Regardless of whether you are preparing a display for a small boutique offering exclusive clothing or you want to present a new collection of a chain store, you need to place great importance on the aesthetics of your work. It is important for the display to always be up to date so that it presents the latest collections of the season. If the store offers fashion for men, women and children, then all of these categories should be on display.

How to choose mannequins for your display window

The display must above all be dynamic in order to attract the attention of potential customers. This means that the traditional “rigid” standing mannequins which were popular even 10-15 years ago, must be replaced. It’s a better idea to use modern mannequins which can be adapted to the requirements of the store and its product range. You can find many interesting models for clothing stores and shops offering small leather accessories, jewellery, and hats.

This manufacturer of high-quality, modern mannequins offers models in standard sizes and poses. My-Mannequins also meets the expectations of demanding customers, for example those offering children’s clothing, sportswear and sizes for very slim customers or in non-standard dimensions. You can also order mannequin which beautifully expose maternity clothes.

These models are made of modern materials, which makes them much lighter than traditional mannequins. On request, you can also choose mannequins that can be set in any pose or prepared during manufacturing in a specific position. An interesting option is mannequins for displaying sportswear, which are already set in dynamic poses, imitating athletes who are running, cycling or swimming in a kayak.


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