Wednesday, 23 January 2019 08:18

Unibroue - special steam beer

The unique taste of beer, which was created using traditional brewing methods, is one of the most sought-after alcoholic beverages in Canada.

Today you can watch a short video from Las Vegas, where Jerry Veitz (the champion in beer production in 2007) presents special cookies prepared using unique beer. The beer itself is perfect in its clarity of flavour and sweetness. Its extraordinary colour and unique flavors (chocolate, toffee, caramel) are the reason why it’s not just the perfect drink for meetings with friends, but also the ideal base to create exceptional sweet foods.

All Unibroue products are created from natural and very good ingredients: pure water, barley malt, wheat malt, wheat, yeast, hops, sugar, fruits, spices. This results in true works or art, which are characterised by a deep aroma and traditional taste. One of the few exceptionally good and natural beers that can be tasted today.

Find out about the story of a real beer enthusiast. Jerry Veitz has been associated with the Unibroue brand since 2003. From this moment he has been creating, trying and experimenting with new flavours. He examines the process of fermentation and strives to create the best beer in the world. Or maybe he has finally succeeded?


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