Sunday, 28 January 2018 16:02

Column lifts - why you should have them in your garage

In many areas of the services market, extensive experience based on traditional values ​​and knowledge is essential. A great example of this are the various types of car repair shops, where without basic knowledge you cannot offer anything to a customer who would like his car repaired. However, it is worth combining tradition with innovation. Modern and innovative technologies dedicated to mechanical workshops allow for much more efficient repairs, which in turn will translate into a greater number of customers and a much higher revenue for the owner and staff.

One of the more interesting solutions that are gaining increasing popularity among car workshop owners are column lifts, which are successfully replacing traditional inspection pits normally used for chassis repair. The main advantage of this type of solution is the small size of the device and its high lifting capacity. A single column lift allows you to pick up a standard passenger car. The lifting capacity of one lift is usually several tons. For larger vehicles such as vans or buses, it is necessary to use several lifts. In such cases it is a better idea to use mobile column lifts. Such lifts can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it much easier to work in a repair shop, especially in small spaces where there is no room for a traditional chassis inspection pit or if the pit is not suitable for large vehicles.


The use of column lifts greatly enhances the comfort of working for mechanics. Thanks to the exact height adjustment of the device, the repaired car can be placed at a height that will be suitable for a particular mechanic. This is a great solution when several people are working on a single car - such work with traditional solutions is much more difficult.

The use of column lifts is completely safe. Manufacturers use durable materials and hydraulics technology. They also provide additional accessories which greatly facilitate the use of both single lifts and groups of lifts. In addition, practically every manufacturer uses locks which allow the arms to be blocked. This prevents them from sliding down suddenly when they are raised with the vehicle.


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