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Innovative measuring and sampling solutions - Bertin Instruments

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Global leaders in industries related to laboratory equipment, nuclear instruments and protection in the oil and gas sector are well aware of the importance of professional equipment. Due to the specificity of these industries, it is necessary to use innovative solutions to detect and measure elements that are difficult to sample, such as DNA, gases, or ionizing radiation.

Bertin Instruments meets the needs of customers by providing professional measurement and sample tools which are constantly improved. The company has over 60 years of market experience and is dedicated to continuous technological development. In this article we present interesting solutions and products from Bertin Instruments.

Tissue homogenizers

Industrial tissue homogenizers are used in the preparation of samples. This is a key step allowing to obtain the right quality and quantity of particles from a given sample. It is crucial that the product has optimal tissue grinding and cell disruption properties, and that no cross-contamination of samples occurs during the process.

The tissue homogenization process is used in:

  • cancer research (the equipment is adapted to homogenize tumour tissues, which may be particularly difficult to disrupt);

  • research on GMO;

  • food allergy tests;

  • forensic laboratories (including for the extraction of DNA from bone, tooth, or hair samples);

  • pharmacology;

  • microbiological tests.

The use of tissue homogenizers in the above-mentioned studies is necessary due to the nature of the samples. Difficult to homogenize samples must be properly prepared to obtain particles that can be used in research.

Radiation monitoring

Monitoring radiation in the environment is a difficult and extremely important task. For this reason, it is necessary to use high-quality equipment. Radiation monitors offered by Bertin Instruments are used in the military sector (to protect soldiers and civilians) and to detect even very low levels of gamma pollution in the water and air. These systems are adapted to monitor mass events and are equipped with a network of automated connections enabling sending data to databases.


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