Thursday, 09 May 2019 10:28

Mobile column lifts

Mobile column lifts are a safe and efficient tool that is essential for each workshop. They are intended for lifting trucks, buses, earthmoving machinery and other heavy-duty vehicles. There is a wide selection of column lifts on the market which can be adapted to all types of vehicles. Top-quality designs facilitate maintenance and repair both inside the workshop as well as outside.


A universal tool for your workshop

There are many models of mobile column lifts to choose from and match to the type of vehicles in your fleet. Lifts have different sizes of forks, thanks to which their width can be easily adjusted to the repaired vehicle. The ability to control the forks allows to raise vehicles in non-standard sizes and shapes, as well as with different wheel alignments. Therefore, mobile column lifts for standard vehicles are an extremely universal tool that can be used for various truck and machine models.

Wired and wireless lifts

Manufacturers offer the possibility of choosing between two types of lifts - wired and wireless. Wired lifts are recommended when you plan to use them regularly in the workshop in the same place. Thanks to their compact design, they do not take up much space. On the other hand, wireless lifts are suited for performing maintenance and repairs at various points in the workshop, as well as outside. Wireless lifts are equipped with a control system, which ensures that changing their placement is completely trouble-free.

Safe and functional technology

Manufacturers guarantee full safety of using column lifts thanks to the use of advanced technologies. The risk is therefore minimized and repair work can be carried out by the mechanics without any concerns. The construction of lifts also allows to make repairs in a convenient way - the shape of the machine makes it possible to easily adjust the angle and have access to all parts of the vehicle.


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