Monday, 08 June 2015 13:44

What else is a smartphone capable of? Featured

Have you ever wondered about what more you could expect from your smartphone? Clear sound, a good camera, a user friendly interface, a modern look and fast access to the Internet, it’s not all that life can offer you. If you want more, then adjust your mobile phone to your life’s tempo.

With the latest Motorola it’ll be extremely easy. Regardless of whether you’re baking a cake, driving your car, or dressing your child for kindergarten, your smartphone will keep up with you. You can scroll through the pages of a cookbook with one hand, while mixing the ingredients with the other and calling an imporant client using voice control. You can be driving your car with one hand, change gears with the other, and using your voice to tell your friends on Facebook about your great start of the day.

The latest Motorola is not just about voice control. It's a way for a clean and well organized life. The latest version of Android, which is a step ahead of your thoughts, has an ergonomic design, thanks to which the phone fits perfectly in your hand, and a designer curved metal casing.

Customize your phone to match your fascinating life. Don’t slow down your tempo to match the device’s capabilities. Let Motorola follow you and give yourself a chance for a faster and more convenient life. Do you want to see how easily you can live? In symbiosis with your smartphone.


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