Saturday, 29 December 2018 08:45

Your everyday washing Featured

Millions of women do the washing every day, and if there are small children in the family, this activity is repeated several times. Pyjamas, morning clothes, clothes with food stains, a dirty outfit after a walk, reusable diapers, cotton bibs, more clothes and pyjamas – all of this accumulates during a baby’s day.

If you add to this mom and dad’s clothes, we get the full cost. And what if you’ve also got a teenager who’s beginning his adventure with sports and is constantly bringing dirty, sweaty clothes after training?

Surely you know this kind of situation well and you know that it’s not only the washing that’s a problem. The real concern arises when you no longer have anywhere to dry it. And this happens over and over again every day. If you would like to find out a method that will relieve you from this responsibility, then watch the video with Vanessa Riopel, a top athlete, who has just as much laundry as you. She might not have children, but she has a few training sessions a day, and a heap of sweaty, dirty clothes. Would you like to know how she deals with it? She just changed her old washing machine for a new Maytag washer-dryer, which in a few moments washes and dries her athletic gear.


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