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Minerals essential in the diet of every physically active person

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A healthy and balanced diet is the key to the well-being of every athlete. It also provides an optimal approach to training, increasing its effectiveness and protecting against injuries. Diet also understands good quality supplementation. Minerals perform many important functions in the athlete's body providing stability and overall balance.

The most important minerals for athletes

Many minerals are very important for every human being. However, athletes are the ones most at risk of losing them. To guard against this unpleasant incident, it is worthwhile to supplement them in a convenient form. The most important of these include:

  • Iron; it takes part in the construction of hemoglobin which is the main element of erythrocytes. They are responsible for binding and carrying oxygen throughout the body. This is a very important process without which you would not be able to function. High levels of iron improve performance, which translates into better training efficiency
  • Calcium - is responsible for the strength of all bones. In many disciplines such as bodybuilding, power triathlon or athletics they are extremely loaded. In order to support their stabilisation it is worth supplying the body with a considerable amount of this element. Additionally, it takes part in muscle contractions, which is a basic element of each exercise
  • Magnesium - provides the body with the energy it needs in the process of both the breakdown and the synthesis of ATP. Additionally, it improves the flow of impulses through neurons and prevents the formation of unpleasant soreness
  • Sodium and potassium - take part in ensuring proper condition of the nervous system. Additionally, they maintain the correct acid-base balance and together with magnesium protect against excessive acidification of muscles.


Mineral supplementation is a very important point in the diet of every athlete. Although they are available in many food products it is worth taking care of their high level and use their convenient forms - for example capsules or effervescent tablets. See https://www.crossthelimits.co.uk


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