Temperature monitoring and recording systems are used in many industries. One example is the food industry, which requires specific conditions during the storage and transport of products. These systems are also used to monitor the conditions inside production halls and other enclosed spaces in order to adequately adjust not only the temperature, but also the humidity and ventilation.

Ball bearings are a type of rolling bearings and are the most widely used group of bearings. They are used in multiple ways in the machine industry and in the production of equipment. Their main features are high strength, ease of assembly, durable construction, versatility of use, as well as the possibility of carrying both longitudinal and transverse loads.

Dehumidifiers are used in industry in many ways. They regulate humidity in the air in workplaces and are used in the food, pharmaceutical, metallurgical industries, and many others. This article explains how they work, what technologies they are based on, and where they can be applied.

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