Thursday, 17 January 2019 06:00

Tooling Feasibility - Why it’s worth it

Today's world is based on modern solutions in all aspects of our lives. At each step we are accompanied by innovative technologies. Even seemingly ordinary tools and devices that we use on a daily basis are constantly changing. They are continually perfected to make people's lives easier at home and at work.

In many areas of the services market, extensive experience based on traditional values ​​and knowledge is essential. A great example of this are the various types of car repair shops, where without basic knowledge you cannot offer anything to a customer who would like his car repaired. However, it is worth combining tradition with innovation. Modern and innovative technologies dedicated to mechanical workshops allow for much more efficient repairs, which in turn will translate into a greater number of customers and a much higher revenue for the owner and staff.

Wednesday, 03 January 2018 13:10

All you need to know about push notifications

Every mobile device user has at least a few, if not several different types of applications on their smartphone. We often download apps spontaneously and later forget about them. And suddenly we receive a notification which reminds us that some time ago we installed, for example, a social media application. Push notifications are mobile app developers’ attempt to increase user engagement, but also to provide direct contact with them.

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