Dehumidifiers are used in industry in many ways. They regulate humidity in the air in workplaces and are used in the food, pharmaceutical, metallurgical industries, and many others. This article explains how they work, what technologies they are based on, and where they can be applied.

Saturday, 09 October 2021 14:56

Lifting equipment for heavy duty vehicles

There is a wide range of tools and machines available on the market for lifting trucks, buses, earthmoving machinery and other heavy-duty vehicles. When selecting models, it is important to pay attention not only to the durability of the machine, but also whether it has an ergonomic shape that will allow easy access to all parts of the vehicle, and how safe it is in operation. There is a whole range of models to choose from, many of which use several patents in one solution.

Thursday, 17 January 2019 06:00

Tooling Feasibility - Why it’s worth it

Today's world is based on modern solutions in all aspects of our lives. At each step we are accompanied by innovative technologies. Even seemingly ordinary tools and devices that we use on a daily basis are constantly changing. They are continually perfected to make people's lives easier at home and at work.

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