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Features and Use of Spy Hidden Camera

A spy camera is video surveillance device. The device is small so it can be hidden in the ordinary household objects such pen, keychain, soft toys, wall clock, photo frames etc. What is a spy camera? A spy camera is video surveillance device. Spy Cam is a type of micro DVR which is built into a deceptive package of ordinary household objects such pen, keychain, soft toys, wall clock, photo frames, bag, wrist watch, calculator, glasses switch and other device which are generally used in the household.


The camera is disguised in the ordinary things so that while recording the target person does not get alert. Moreover these gadgets are light weight so you can carry it along with you anywhere. The device is popular with numerous names such as hidden camera as it can be concealed anywhere, spy cam is abbreviated term for spy camera. It is also called nanny camera since it is primarily used for monitoring the kids and their nannies. A wide range of Spy Camera in India is available online and at offline spy shops/stores.

Features of Hidden camera

The spy camera captures quality video. The pictures clicked are sharper and clear.
Spy cam is very flexible in use. With the wireless option you can place it anywhere.
Hidden camera records in AVI format. The format is compatible with almost every computer so the person can see recorded videos at wide screen of the computer later.
The spy camera is easy to install. You can conveniently use it for your personal and professional use.
The latest models have infrared lenses. The lenses record clear videos in night or dim light also.
The device has inbuilt motion detector sensor. The sensors add ease in using the device. Like old models the person does not need to “turn on” the device for recording and “turn off” when the recording is completed. The motion detection sensor detects the movement in the vicinity where it is implanted and automatically start recording. The device stops recording when there is no movement. This feature makes the device free from all hassles of setting the camera and recording. In addition the sensors increase battery life of the camera.
The camera enables the user to schedule the time of recording so that he does not have to handle the spy cam manually.
Spy camera boon

A spy camera is boon for all of us. The price of the device is less as compared to security camera. It allows people to monitor their household and office when they are away. Moreover it does not alert others so one can easily record what he wants to and when he wants to. The interested people can buy Spy Camera in Bangalore from dealers and suppliers of the spy gadgets.


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