Wednesday, 11 September 2019 16:39

The role of mixing technology in industry

Mixing is a complicated operation used in manufacturing products for many industries. The role of industrial mixers is invaluable, because the quality of the manufactured products depends on their design and capabilities.

Mixing and product quality

Mixing is a key process in obtaining a high quality product. The purpose of mixing is to provide a homogeneous distribution of the mixed ingredients and to obtain the desired consistency of the mixture.

The mixing process is used to create a homogeneous solution, to intensify the heat and mass exchange processes, and to maintain systems in motion, especially in the chemical, cosmetics and food industries. The most common variation of this operation is mechanical mixing, which is carried out using a variety of mixers.

The mixing process determines the texture of the product, including its viscosity. The perfect solution for obtaining the highest quality product is a high viscosity mixer which guarantees accuracy and precision.

Mixers and mixing systems in almost all sizes are available on the market, for various applications and for almost all industries. The key feature that makes it possible to produce devices for specific applications is their flexibility. An accurate production system of mixers guarantees their speed, reliability, and the quality of the obtained product.

SOFRADEN has been a leading industrial mixer manufacturer since 1991. The brand offers its customers ready-made solutions dedicated to individual needs. Approximately 250 SOFRADEN mixers are currently used by around 100 different customers around the world.

The company also conducts inspection and maintenance audits, supplies spare parts, performs maintenance operations, and modernizes mixers. SOFRADEN holds the MASE certificate thanks to its systematic efforts in reducing its impact on the environment and its constant commitment to improving occupational health and safety standards. The company customizes products to meet its customers' requirements and designs the machines according to the precise specifications of the industry.


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