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Overview of industrial marking technologies

Technomark Technomark

Industrial marking is used in many industries. A product or its packaging can be marked with a logo, the manufacturer's name, special graphics, or information on technical parameters. Laser or spot-marking technologies are the most commonly used for this process.


Technomark - the highest quality of services and state-of-the-art technical solutions

Technomark, which you can learn more about at, in addition to high-quality services, guarantees innovative solutions based on the use of advanced technologies. This brand maintains relationships with the best specialists by building a rapidly developing working environment, as well as being sensitive to issues related to the natural environment.

Innovation and the drive to improve well-known technological solutions lie at the core of Technomark's values. The company works continuously on new technologies, subsequently obtaining new patents for its innovations.

Types of marking devices

Variables such as the type of marking surface or the size and precision of details are key factors when selecting a product marking device. Technomark offers dot peen marking equipments and laser marking devices. The equipment is adapted to fully automated production processes and its electronic and mechanical systems are highly precise. Both laser tools and point marking equipment are designed to work with all materials with hardness below 63 HRC.

The 4in1 technology used to create point marking equipment offered by Technomark allows to mark hard-to-reach areas, both in manual and semi- or fully-automated processes. Technomark’s equipment designed for laser engraving has been adapted to workshop conditions and enables to work at any angle of inclination.


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